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People Live Here Rise Against


Rise Against: People Live Here

I followed you out in the storm
But it carried you off
And I burned every picture of yours
Was that not enough?

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↪ 70. Includes all type of gifs. Here is an extra gif hunt downlable which contains 45 small gifs made by cyrusassits. I apologize if there's any repeat. None of those are mine, credit goes to the rightful owners. I don't care if you're a rph blog or whatever, just let me know if this has helped you by liking/rebloging.


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Shenko moments - 47/??

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I need to hear you say it. I need to know you’re mine.”
“I’ve been yours since the second we met.

Jamie McGuire (Beautiful Disaster)

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Amanda Seyfried photographed by Lee Do Gyu for Allure Korea (August 2014)

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Theme 06—Bravado.


  • Single-columned
  • Wide sidebar
  • 2 custom links
  • Faded posts (color restored on hover)
  • Small cursor
  • Very cool and simple theme


  1. Please keep all credits intact! 
  2. Don’t steal parts of the coding or claim it as your own. Also, don’t use any themes as a base code. If you want a link to the base codes I use, just ask. 
  3. Please try to like/reblog this post. It really helps. 

if anything doesn’t work or if you have any questions, please ask! 


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Nicola Peltz behind the scene for Vanity Fair.

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THEME 60  {by londonps}

live preview - code

  • don’t copy, don’t use as a base, don’t post it as your own, and NEVER remove the credits;
  • if you have any problems, contact me in ask; like/reblog or ask if you use the theme.

about the theme:

  • one column;
  • post size: 500px;
  • 8 custom links;
  • sidebar image: 225x115px;
  • the bold text is colored;
  • everything in the theme, you can changing in the customize.

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cation codes